Async GIS is a home based family owned corporation owned and operated by Dave Highness and Patty Hartman. After a decade working as a field Archaeologist, Dave graduated from the University of Montana in 1998 with a Master of Arts Degree in Geography. Since then he has worked as a GIS programmer/analyst at the Montana State Library, Natural Resources Information System (NRIS) and Tetra Tech, Inc. Several years ago Dave had an opportunity to become an independent consultant for The Trust for Public Land at which point he decided to try working on his own. Dave recently took a job with The Trust for Public Land but he is still consulting on the side so please feel free to contact him.

Dave’s specialty is custom GIS application development in the Esri® GIS software environment. Dave has a wealth of experience with web applications using the ArcGIS Javascript API and desktop applications using the ArcObjects API and the ArcPy Python Site Package. Dave also has a lot of experience with designing, installing, configuring and deploying Esri® enterprise GIS systems including Desktop, Server and Portal. We have recently been working a lot with PostGIS, QGIS and many open source Python GIS packages, we would like to talk with you about open source options for your GIS needs. Dave has a wealth of experience in virtually every aspect of GIS and cartography.

Patty specializes in Internet research and data management, using her analytical skills to provide accurate, consistent data formatting. With a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Patty supplemented her education in 2004 with a Certificate of Applied Science, Computer Assistant, from UM Helena. She is available as needed, noting that no project is too tedious!

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